A Neighbourhood Plan for Sandhurst?

There has been some interest in restarting the process of creating a Neighbourhood Plan for
the village. An earlier attempt was made to do so but was abandoned in 2015 owing to lack
of support.
A Neighbourhood Plan is a document containing planning policies that will be used to guide
development in the local area.
Creating a Neighbourhood Plan offers a real opportunity for local people to play a role and
have a say in shaping that development, but it’s not a simple exercise for the Parish Council
to perform – so we are looking for volunteers (people of all and any ages and experience) to
come forward and join a wider ‘Steering Group’ to move the process on.
Please do join us at the following meeting to express your interest, ask questions and offer
Neighbourhood Planning Meeting
The Old School Hall
Back Road
TN18 5JS
Tuesday 26th October 2021 at 7.30pm
We hope to see you there!
Any queries, please feel free to contact Cllr Mel Phillipson
Email: sandhurstpc.phillipsm@gmail.com

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